Kendrick Lamar & Kobe Bryant Speak On Greatness (Video)

November 7, 2017 0

kobe-bryant-kendrick-lamar-500x304 Kendrick Lamar & Kobe Bryant Speak On Greatness (Video)

Two of LA’s icons, Kendrick Lamar and Kobe Bryant, took to the stage at ComplexCon for a joint interview. K-Dot spoke about his transformation from being a hungry mixtape rapper to 2017’s Kung Fu Kenny. “K-Dot was me prepping myself with lyrical ability and being able to go in the studio and say I want to be the best wordsmith.” He then continued, “This is the transition to Kendrick Lamar/Kung Fu Kenny. I look at Kung Fu Kenny as a master of the craft.”

Kobe also addressed similar concepts, comparing his NBA legacy to Kendrick’s rapping style. “It’s the same hunger. You step out there on the court, you’re taking heads off. I don’t want to hear Michael’s the best player in the world. i don’t want to hear them call him Black Jesus. I don’t want to hear it. you’re gonna have to show me.”

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