HHS87.com Presents: #A3C Festival 2018

October 1, 2018 0

IMG_5343 HHS87.com Presents: #A3C Festival 2018

HHS87.com presents 3 nights of live music in Atlanta, GA for the A3C festival THIS WEEKEND! The 3-night festival kicks off with “Good Night 4” which will feature a wide range of Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, & Pop performers from all regions of the country as well as some international vibes including BOREGARD, Alex Bond, Internal Rhyme, & Decarlo Tatum Jr. The festival includes the “Trap Tsunami” concert featuring Zah Sosaa, Lil Doe, BryGreatah, Money Makin Nique, Big Papito, Lil Blanco and other trending acts ranging from different areas of the east coast. At this show all artists have a curated current sound mixing Trap & Wave music. The third night HHS87.com teams with iStandard.com to host the “Surround Sound Producer Showcase”. Featured producers include Brizzy on da Beat, Swaggyono, as well as producers from all over the country showcasing songwriting, performance, & DJing. For more information hit up Hip Hop Since 1987.com on ALL social media! See ya’ll this weekend in Atlanta , Georgia!!!

8cd.trap-tsunami-a3c HHS87.com Presents: #A3C Festival 2018

IMG_1499 HHS87.com Presents: #A3C Festival 2018


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