Just Kickin’ It: Kent Bazemore’s Custom Curry 4’s Pay Homage to Atlanta, the Civil Right Movement, Black History Month and His Growth in the NBA (Episode 4)

February 12, 2018 0

The year 2018 has been great so far and now we are three episodes in to My new segment entitled “Just Kickin’ It”. In this segment, I’ll be talking with some of today’s biggest athletes and entertainers to get some insight on their favorite sneakers, music, and more.


For episode 4 of “Just Kickin’ It”, I caught up with Atlanta Hawks star Kent Bazemore. If you ask Me, despite the Hawks record, Kent Bazemore is having a career season. Kent is averaging 12.9 points this season but his leadership on and off the court are unmeasurable.


On Friday February 9th following the Hawks matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers, I spoke with Kent Bazemore on the custom Under Armour Curry 4’s he wore during the game. With the quote “True To Atlanta” and “I Try” on the sneakers, they also features an image of Ebenezer Baptist Church and the number 499.


Kent explained that with February being Black History and him playing in Atlanta for four seasons, it was only right to pay homage to the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King and the city of Atlanta. Kent also gave us some insight on the number 499 saying it was he NBA ranking his rookie season out of 500 players.


Episode 4 of “Just Kickin It” was conducted and produced by Terrell Thomas. Episode 4 of”Just Kickin’ It” was shot and edited by Danny Digital.


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