Just Kickin’ It: Andre Iguodala Talks Getting JaVale McGee & Big Krit in the Booth, NBA Players Entering the Business World & More (Episode 8)

March 6, 2018 0

The year 2018 has been great so far and today We have a new episode for My segment entitled “Just Kickin’ It”. In this segment, I’ll be talking with some of today’s biggest athletes and entertainers to get some insight on their favorite sneakers, music, and more.


For episode 8 of “Just Kickin’ It”, I caught up with Golden State Warriors star Andre Iguodala. Andre Iguodala in My opinion has been one of the best players in the NBA for the past 10 years and his game just keeps getting better.


On Friday March 3rd as the Warriors prepared to face the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena, I spoke with Andre Iguodala on his Business mind, linking Big Krit and JaVale McGee to make music together, Golf and more.


Andre Iguodala joked with media before we got the ball rolling but during our interview he gave us some insight on just what Big Krit and JaVale McGee are working on. Preparing for life after the NBA, Iguodala is also making huge moves in the world of Business. I spoke with Iguodala on why that is important and his plans for the future in Business.


Episode 8 of “Just Kickin It” was conducted and produced by Terrell Thomas. Episode 8 of”Just Kickin’ It” was shot and edited by Danny Digital.


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