Vou$ From Uptown!

July 8, 2019 0
I’d like to introduce “Vou$”, a rap artist born and raised in Uptown, Philadelphia. Trying his hardest to beat the odds on and off the streets with his music to turn goals into achievements. Starting with music, Vou$ has a talent with word play and heavy bars with quality story telling skills, a feature in hip hop communities and platforms like our own appreciate to the fullest. “Not just another artist” Vou$ is often stating being the CEO of F.E.A.R Entertainment LLC which is a independant record label founded by Vou$ himself. With multiple up and coming talented artist on the roster be sure to check out Vou$ and his whole camp.


Tune in now to “Fear VS Love is now available on every major music platforms.

Up coming video shoots for the LP,
Live performance July 28th at “Teasers” tickets sold online (eventbrite)
also look forward to a collaboration EP coming in the late fall.

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