20Bello / Eddie Kayne presents the Game of Thrones concert recap feat on HipHop since 1987

February 11, 2019 0

maxresdefault-17 20Bello / Eddie Kayne presents the Game of Thrones concert recap feat on HipHop since 1987

In Washington DC the music scene is continuously evolving. One of the best kept secrets is a new music performance platform for independent artist world wide called the Game of Thrones named after the hit HBO TV show. DMV MUSIC curators 20Bello and Eddie Kayne team up going head to head in a friendly competition to bring the masses the next wave of hot artist going toe to toe performing some of their hottest records. This show was nothing short of high energy from beginning to end. Texas P and artist from the great state of Texas via Baltimore came out blazing setting the bar and tone followed by an electric performance by 808 Pryme. LP80 wasted no time going in ..Yung Bout-Dat immediately rocked the crowd. JSol came out and switched the tone performing some of his people empowerment eclectic records. King Lovett got the crowd going crazy while performing his signature song “BABY” bringing his wife on stage while performing. From that point the energy went thru the roof with high energy level performances from the likes of Mercy who brought his motorcycle club on stage with him.  Bang Man rocked his gritty but high intensity songs gaining and keeping the crowds attention. Trife Gang who brought special guest” femce” Kenilworth Katrina out on stage even at one point putingt the mic down and rapped out loud to the crowd later to be joined by other artist to perform the song Gotham. Internet sensation Crank Lucas closed the show with songs like “On muvas” (DMV slang) and kept the crowd in tune with his signature upbeat performance. The Game of Thrones show happens once a month with only 10 headlining artist. For more information be sure to follow @20BELLO / @EDDIEKAYNE on IG


Check out music from the artists on the playlist below!



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