Shy Glizzy – Coverd N Blood (Album Review by CuttyTV)

August 13, 2019 0

ShyGlizzy_CoveredNBlood Shy Glizzy - Coverd N Blood (Album Review by CuttyTV)

Shy Glizzy is back everyone! “Covered N Blood” actually! Shy Glizzy is back with another highly anticipated album! If you liked the old Shy Glizzy he gives you a taste of that on the first song! The first song actually also has a video out which you can watch on Youtube called “Volcano” The album he gives you an insight on what’s been going on in his life and the point he is at now! It’s a story any Shy Glizzy fan will appreciate. The album comes with three visuals “Volcano” “How I’m coming” “Quarterback glizzy” which are iconic visuals in themselves! A fan favorite on the album is “Big Dipper” but Shy Glizzy doesn’t come alone! He has NBA Youngboy and 3 Glizzy on the tape with him as features! If you are a fan of Shy Glizzy then stop reading this and make sure you check out the latest album! Available everywhere now!




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