The Game Breaks Down Over Nipsey Hussle’s Murder (Video)

April 1, 2019 0

gamenipsey-500x375 The Game Breaks Down Over Nipsey Hussle’s Murder (Video)

The Hip Hop world is at a loss for words this morning, as tragic news of Nipsey Hussle’s murder rippled through social media last night. Everyone is heartbroken. Including fellow LA rapper, The Game, who literally lost sleep over the shocking news. On an early Morning drive (around 4 AM), Game shared a few videos in the wake of Nipsey’s death. His face isn’t visible in the video, but the pain in his voice says it all.

I can’t sleep behind what happened to Nip, man. Why n**gas do the homie like that, man?! LA on some bullsh*t!

As with everyone else, it seems, Game is dumbfounded at the act of violence that took Nipsey’s life. We are all outraged. The Hip Hop community is definitely grieving hard with this one.

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