Philly’s Own, Beanie Sigel, & More Support “The Probe” (Trailer)

July 1, 2019 0

PastedGraphic-3 Philly’s Own, Beanie Sigel, & More Support “The Probe” (Trailer)

Philadelphia’s Highly Anticipated Crime Drama, “The Probe” trailer is Here!

The groundbreaking new TV series “The Probe” has wrapped up filming and we present you with a first look at the new trailer. “The Probe”, is a new heart pounding crime drama. This series is groundbreaking for the City of Philadelphia. Cortez Johnson, who is the executive producer and writer says there has never been a comparable series in this city at this magnitude. Johnson believes that the narrative will move the culture and stir up universal issues in a nonstop twisting and turning, nail biting way.

“The Probe” is a fresh crime drama that follows the core of American culture through the gritty streets of Philadelphia. A melting pot of Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Asians fused together with Philly’s drug and real estate market has everyone salivating for a piece of the action. But just around the corner there is always someone watching. Internal Affairs are watching dirty cops, The Feds are watching dirty politicians, judges, and drug dealers. The drug dealers are watching their backs from their rivals and the dirty law enforcement- on and off their payroll. This gritty drama has everyone watching each other and at the same time trying to escape the deadly web of deceit.

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