Two individuals have been captured regarding Jam Master Jay’s fatal demise

August 18, 2020 0

Two-individuals-have-been-captured-regarding-Jam-Master-Jays-fatal-demise Two individuals have been captured regarding Jam Master Jay's fatal demise

It has been almost 19 years since Jam Master Jay was disastrously killed in a Jamaica, Queens studio.

Nearly 19 years ago since the unfortunate demise of Run-DMC DJ Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell and three years after the case was considered “cold,” two individuals have been captured regarding his homicide.

As indicated by the New York Times, on Sunday, Aug. 17, federal investigators will before long report the charges for Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr.

Jordan, who was 18 at the hour of the killing, was arrested. Washington, 56, is as of now in prison following various thefts in 2007. At the time of JMJ’s capture, he was recognized as the accessory to the homicide. It was claimed Washington otherwise known as “Tenad” “pointed his firearm at those present in the studio, requested them to jump on the ground and gave cover to his partner to shoot and kill Jason Mizell.” Prosecutors accepted he knew the individual liable for JMJ’s demise, however he denied the charges. Washington was not charged as there had not been enough proof to convict anybody for the wrongdoing.

Jay was fiercely killed on October 30, 2002 while in a studio in Jamaica, Queens. In spite of the fact that the case had gone “cold,” Chris Run, a very close friend to the iconic DJ was idealistic that his case would be settled.

“It’s gonna be solved,” Run told REVOLT in 2017 interview, noting he wanted nothing more than to see Jay’s two murders be brought to justice.

“I think it’s really the streets,” he said about why the case hasn’t been solved yet. “The person who or the people who did it would have been caught if the streets would have cooperated.”

In spite of the time that had passed by, Run was as yet optimistic everything would become public knowledge.

“Who would think [it would take] 15 years?” he said. “But you look at Biggie and Tupac deaths, it’s been over 20 years. [Jay] was a loyal, true dude. Give the shirt off his back. Jay was a good dude. That’s how they should remember Jay. Give his last out of his pocket.”

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