Lil Baby Releases ‘My Turn’ Album, Drops ‘Heatin’ Up’ Video With Gunna

February 29, 2020 0



2019 was a breakout year for Lil Baby. He nabbed a Grammy nomination, was named Best New Artist at the BET Awards, secured a number of Billboard hits, and collaborated with some of hip-hop’s biggest names. But the ATL rapper isn’t about to rest on his laurels, and says he intends to reach new heights with sophomore album My Turn.

My Turn arrived Friday (Feb. 28), and Gunna takes another turn spitting bars with his frequent collaborator and mentee on the album’s second track and accompanying visual “Heatin’ Up,” which also premiered Friday.

My Turn continues to tell the tale of the modern hip-hop star with veteran guest artists like Future, Lil Wayne and Young Thug, ATL’s supreme maker of hitmakers. Both of his prodigies, who’ve been titled as this generation’s best rap duo, come together yet again.


lil-baby-my-turn-stream-500x500 Lil Baby Releases 'My Turn' Album, Drops 'Heatin' Up' Video With Gunna

The Jon J.-directed clip begins with the rappers reciting Gucci Mane‘s “Big Boss Meech Speaks (Intro)” from his 2012 mixtape Trap Back to the sound of a crosswalk counting down the seconds like a metronome: “Let no man separate what we create. From every hood to Hollywood. Coming to a ghetto near you. Death before dishonor. The greatest show on earth. After us, there will be no other.”

Lil Baby flashes his “4PF” (“4 pockets full”) brand logo throughout the three-and-a-half-minute clip. But despite Lil Baby’s major come-up and the riches that came with it, like drag racing multi-colored Lamborghinis with his posse, the 25-year-old artist sticks to his Southern roots and roots the video in scenic shots from his ‘hood.

“I ain’t changed, I stayed the same and maintained/ It’s safe to say the kid gettin’ older/ Forever gang, I’m never switchin’ over/ Made a lane and n—as can’t get over,” he raps in the first verse before switching to the chorus, which interpolates Thug’s No. 11 Billboard “Hot” 100 hit featuring Gunna.

Watch the “Heatin’ Up” music video, and stream Lil Baby’s My Turn album below

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