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New Music from Khemist
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Photography by Dan Lidon

Some rappers get their beats from YouTube. Some create their own beats in Ableton or Logic. Philadelphia-based recording artist, Khemist from Logan, is different. 

This year, he has collaborated with the likes of two time Grammy award winning Cuban master percussionist Arturo StableGrammy nominated jazz drummer Anwar Marshal, and his band made up of the top studio musicians in a city known for their talent.

Khemist from Logan is back with another live performance video, this time he has stripped it back to just himself with an acoustic guitar and vocals. In the song titled “Resignation” Khemist laments about the struggles and self doubt of being an independent musician dedicated to their craft. “Starting to think this sh*t just ain’t for me / gave everything but my soul it’s plain to see”.

Be one of the first to check out the new video below. The video will go public on Khemist’s Instagram and YouTube channels Sunday morning. As always, please repost, share, or tell a friend once the video is live.

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Khemist teamed up with Bilal (The Roots, Kendrick Lamar) last Sunday February 9th at City Winery in Philadelphia. Khemist’s next show is Tuesday, February 18, 2019 at South Jazz Kitchen with saxophonist, Henry Tirfe. This is a FREE event!
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You can expect a lot more from Khemist this year! Keep up on all social media @khemist_LV

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