Athena Tha Goddess Is Blazing A Trail

June 6, 2020 0

Athena-500x500 Athena Tha Goddess Is Blazing A Trail

Not everyone moves from club dancer to rapper and musical talent, however, that is the trail that Athena has chosen to blaze. Stephanie Roxanne Jeronymo popularly known as Athena Tha Goddess is a southern Hip Hop Artist who has wormed her way into the heart of those who love South Hip Hop. From Meridian, Mississippi, the former club dancer is following Cardi B steps, it is not so surprising.

As a 23-year-old who has been in the music industry for four years have been creating fun lyrical and free-spirited music. Banking on her experience, Athena tha Goddess writes complex music that helps herself and others in the same shoes to find ease and face these challenges head-on. She makes the kind of music that is not only heard but equally felt.

Athena tha Goddess is Stephanie Roxanne Jeronymo’s favorite ego. Having worked in 50 different clubs over two years, Athena tha Goddess is the alter ego that is powerful and that always love to take the spotlight. With a distinct sound, she also writes her music in a different way. She writes her hooks first before writing the verses. Now, that is not the way most songwriters write. The sound Athena tha Goddess makes is distinct, she would often record in her room but have sometimes recorded at the gold Digger studio in Los Angeles.

Having faced her own fair share of challenges due to her upbringing, it is not surprising to know she admires Cardi B and since they both started from nearly the same background of stripping and club dancing. They both got into the maze of exotic dancing to escape domestic violence. It was really easy to connect to her music and choose to become like her.

Since creating her first single titled ‘I’, she had started investing everything into music and she has not looked back since then. She is working on creating her first solo album at the moment. Her favorite single from her body of work is Martha Stewart; she simply relates the mindset of the legendary Martha Stewart to her listeners.

Asked about how she stays inspired and motivated, she says; “I dreamt of becoming a performer. Most kids wanted to be teachers or doctors and I wanted to be like “Fergie”. A local Troy, Alabama rapper “KBZ” has been inspiring me since day one. We released a duo album together in 2018 called “A Black and White World”. This inspired me to continue writing and recording for my next solo project.” She also draws inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot and Kesha

On competition becoming rife within the music industry, Athena tha Goddess is of the opinion that the only competition is with oneself. Like herself, she is not bothered about what others are doing, she is only getting better at her own game. That, for her, is the only competition that there is.

In five years’ time, she expects the brand to be bigger and better. Athena tha Goddess has put in the work, she is doing her best to blaze this trail her own way.

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