Drake Drops New Mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes

May 1, 2020 0
IMG_7993-500x500 Drake Drops New Mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes


Always a well produced project from the OVO camp Drake hits us with a walk down memorly lane with the opening record “Deep Pockets”. Speaking on the hardships of his early 20’s coincidently around the time where deep pockets was a fashionably in thing just adds to the authenticity of the record. Most will only think of the money concept which im sure was also the intention of the artist. Second verse we get to the first big wave for Drake’s career finding investors and people to back his dream at the sametime learning to keep the family in mind in all that he is doing for himself. Solid moral music showing growth in his message and story.



“When To Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle” ft Giveon which i previosly dropped a review on, both solid records to add to the vibe which i believe is his sound of comfort. Followed by a classic feature from Chris Brown on “Not You Too”. Im sure this will be a boost for both artist being at their peaks when it comes to active Legends in the game. Yes like it or not Drake is a Legend in hiphop he seems to be the Lebron James of our era. Not enough killer instinct but enough for songs like “DEMONS” to be a leading single, but compassionate enough to pass the ball to score on records like “Toosie Slide”. I mean he scored the game winner right? Maybe not the way we wanted to but he won the game. Solid Project from Drake nothing new on the sound but the sound has been perfected and selected on the perfect beat selection.

You can go on a nice drive while listening to “Landed” but cuts short leaving you wishing for another verse. “D4l” not beinf my favorite i think the collab gives the record more nostalgia than the actual song. “Pain 1993” a nice flex and vibe record a song dedicated fans will forsure keep in rotation. Id much rather listen to “Letter From Florida” but i dig the concept. Below are the tracks I personally wanted to highlight, not cause they are the best but because they stick out to me musically. Still no wayne since 2017’s “If Your Reading This Its Too Late”.


Highlighted this track because i feel like its the best feature next to Giveon on “Chicago Freestyle”. And with all honesty i like hearing Drake talk heavy every once in a while you got to flex the muscle and the ability to still hang with the new rising stars.



Its a must we highlight the realest track on the album first. Using a few clips from Drake’s instagram live with his father with a sample of his fathers record in the production of the song, it was only right he keep it all the way trasnparent “like im tryna show the waves like it’s no cap.” Sits at number 11 but i would say would be top 3 on the project with concept and content being a highlighted feature.





Quarantine is getting to all of us, Drake hits us with the bored in the house challenge. Classic flow, classic vibe, simple and easy on the ear instrumental as we are used to hearing from the 6 God. Use of a familiar cadence can often lose the ear of the listener but some how Drizzy pulls it off. On top of his often apologetic lyrics he does what most of us cant. Based on the lyrics he’s explains how he will never change, he has had lot of thought in quarantine and when its over he will be “outside in a amg, T.T’d (too turnt)” waiting for the girl who is definitly jumping in the car followed by the homes thats “gone ride or die.”



Desires ft. Future

“Self Control Aint Ever Been Your Thing” Thats when the song really hit home for all those real players doing player tings as Drake would say. Solid move to add Future the Godfather of Drip and Lean music. You know the Houston base, Atlanta artist and expensive taste in quality. Also hitn you with the signature beat warp that almost takes you to a feeling of being another song. Speculation Time! Who is this song about? Who ever it is both artist dropping heavy bags for the women with “Desires”. Solid record to play when you and your girl arguing “No Cap Like The Waves Out.” This will most likely be a album favorite from the fans.



Editors Notes

When Drake released the dance-routine ready “Toosie Slide” roughly a month a head of his Dark Lane Demo Tapes, fans were near incredulous that he’d discovered yet another musical forntier in which he stake his claim. (Those who weren’t busy choreographing TikTok videos to the song, anyway.) With the release of Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Drake delivers a handful of additional forays into the sound of right now. The Project, per Drake’s own Instagram, features music compiled by OVO cohorts Oliver El-Khatib and Noel Cadastre, and comprises “some leaks and some joints from Soundcloud and some new vibes.”

Found wirhin are Drake-helmed masterpieces of post-regional drill music (“Demons,” “War”), linkups with Future (“Desires”) and Chris Brown (“Not You Too”), and Pi’erre Bourne-produced Playboi Carti collaboration (“pain 1993”), as well as the kind of hezy, regret-steeped R&B that so many contemporary playlist are built on (“Time Flies”). In its approach to these familiar vibes, this particular collection of music is the most of-the-moment Drake has ever sounded-more present than hus usual prescient.


Track List score Wilde Tuna Scores It at grade level


01 Deep Pockets (prod. Noah “40” Shebib, Plain Pat) *****
02 When to Say When (prod. Alonzo “Roxx” Thornhill, June James) *****
03 Chicago Freestyle [ft. Giveon] (prod. Noel Cadastre)*****
04 Not You Too [ft. Chris Brown] (prod. Noel Cadastre)***
05 Toosie Slide (prod. Oz)**
06 Desires [ft. Future] (prod. D. Hill, Noel Cadastre)****
07 Time Flies (prod. Oz)*****
08 Landed (prod. CardoGotWings, Dez Wright)****
09 D4L Freestyle [ft. Future and Young Thug] (prod. Southside)**
10 Pain 1993 [ft. Playboi Carti] (prod. Pi’erre Bourne)***
11 Losses (prod. Elyas, Foreign Teck, Oz, Sevn Thomas)****
12 From Florida With Love (prod. MekikoDro, Noah “40” Shebib)****
13 Demons [ft. Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek] (prod. JB MADE IT)*****
14 War (prod. Axl Beats)****

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