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As i sit back and wonder what would Drake do in a time when the 2020 airways are wide open. While new artist are holding the numbers on billboard, new artist dropping epic visuals and marketing plans, what can Drake do to solidify he is still a major player in the game? The answer is drop some heartfelt lyrics over a classic sample and talk about real life. No matter how much you dislike the 6 God, he always knows how to make you feel as he stated in this record.”Ima tell you what you feel next like the weather man” and followed by the ultimate fatherhood line. “I will split heads and break necks for my little man”. How could you not feel Drake on this one?

“500 weeks them charts filled with my pain” Drake stating one of the many accolades he has on his resume with ground breaking chart records. And we can’t hate we allowed it to happen. So comfortable with his artistry Drizzy even hit us with a Eminem sampled “Superman” flow which always brings back child hood memories regardless if you were a fan of the song or not.

Yes i know a lot of people hung up on that one line/shot at his baby mom but lets not dwell on that amongst all the other genius and game given. “Word to Sandra Gram no one loves you like your mother can” a line that sticks out right before the classic transition of 2 songs in one re introduced but the great Kanye West. Just when you thought you was only getting one vibe from the goat he hits you with a big song twist and flawless visual. Aside from the memes of Drake in Marcy Projects I’m sure this record will spark some light for the Drake fanatics out there.

We all knew Drake was a sucker for love and he restates that multiple times in this record and maybe thats why he is so successful. We all want to be loved we all are chasing a relationship and a mist all the money, world tours, celebrity models and actresses, we find our boy Drizzy is still human like the rest of us. Who is going to love us for who we are? Nobody but our mothers and children.

Great Record Drake keep these vibes all 2020!

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