$NOT is out for “Revenge” with music video by Cole Bennett

September 26, 2020 0
unnamed-7 $NOT is out for "Revenge" with music video by Cole Bennett

$NOT teamed up with Cole Bennett for his newest music video for “Revenge” – out now via 300 Ent! “Revenge” is the first glimpse of $NOT’s next project, slated to release October 30th via 300 Ent. 

Like all Cole Bennett creations, the “Revenge” video is visually stunning – from the stark yellow, black, and blue color palette to genius shots inspired by $NOT’s signature hoodie look. With an anti-bullying message, $NOT embraces his outsider status on his path for ultimate revenge. Watch Here.

On “Revenge,” $NOT effortlessly rides the guitar driven beat and delivers an infectious hook that can only be compared to 2009 Kid Cudi anthems. The single has this ‘happy-go-lucky’ essence, but, lyrically, $NOT is getting everything off his chest. From heartbreak to fake friends, it’s a continuous thread of, “what am I dealing with this time?” But, in true $NOT fashion, he keeps it nonchalant, crooning on the chorus, “sometimes I can really be f*cked up / ain’t nothing much to say, but ‘hey goodbye.'” It’s like he’s throwing his emotions at the wall hoping someone will understand him, but then quickly shrugs it off with an “oh well” and moves on to the next one.

Alongside “Revenge” and the album announcement, $NOT is dropping a capsule collection of merch that is inspired by the music video. Head to 

shop.snot.xyz on September 25th to buy three new t-shirts and hoodie designs. I’ll be copping the Bart Simpson-style hoodie.

Watch”Revenge”:https://youtu.be/MWE_CF4aIwUStream “Revenge”:https://snot.ffm.to/revengeBuy $NOT Merch:https://shop.snot.xyz/password“Revenge” Social Clips

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