Rotimi x Wale – In My Bed (Video)

May 25, 2020 0

Having original production, shoots and everything in between come to a screeching halt like the rest of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Rotimi partnered with EMPIRE to creatively take a new approach to the visual rollout for his latest single. Wanting to also use his platform to help others, the singer hired 37 animators from 24 cities in 5 different continents to come together and create the animated visuals for his hit single “In My Bed” featuring Wale.


Being aware of the current crisis not only in our country, but all over the world with so many people losing jobs or struggling to maintain hours, Rotimi became passionate about finding a way to help those in need. Holding an open call on his Instagram, the New Jersey native was able to reach countless talented graphic designers and animators and hire them to bring his vision to life. The final edit was cohesively curated by  animation studio Cartuna. “In My Bed” is the latest single off of his recent projects The Beauty of Becoming and his acoustic EP Unplugged Sessions under FrontRo Music Group/EMPIRE. The single is currently trending at #16 and #30 on the Urban and Rhythm radio charts and is the second most Shazamed song in NYC. 
“This record has been really special to me. I remember when Harmony Samuels called me and told me he had a crazy idea, I heard it and flew to LA to record it.  We wanted a feature and thinking of who would be a great fit I thought of my brother Wale. We’ve been friends for sometime now and I thought this would be amazing for our first collaboration.” – Rotimi
Fresh off his platinum #1 hit On Chill, Wale had this to say about the recent success of “In My Bed’s” recent radio success, “Rotimi is my guy, we’ve always had that Nigerian connection. When he sent me the record I was excited to do my thing to it. I’m not surprised at the success we’re starting to see on it, just heard the song a ton while I was back in DC.”
For those wishing to make a donation to those in need for the COVID-19 Relief Fund click the donation button to the right of the “In My Bed” video on Youtube. 
ANIMATOR CREDITS: Elodie D’Ambrosio, Chrissy Fellmeth, Ben Owino Spybey, Sargento Pez, Tyler Letson, Javier Valdez, Keith Garces, Quincy Emerson, Kaleida Studio, Maddie Brewer, Michie Gonzalez, Daniel Stankler, Thu Tran, Andres Soler, Leonidas Gioutlakis, Craig Boush, Emmy Stork, Julie Morris, Shane Beam, Zoe Medcraft, Corinne Stein, Polina Zinziver, Joseph May, Pablo Smerling, Francis Amisola, Rob Lynch, Aidan Stadler, Mac hewitt, Julia Veldman, Juppi Juppsen, Nikhil Markale, Claire Foxworth, Tyler Naugle, Nicolette Groome, Bennett Rust, Jacqueline Mains, Thomartos, Yavae Thomas.
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