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Ttgfred-a-living-American-Street-Dream TTGFRED A LIVING AMERICAN STREET DREAM

Acknowledging your vulnerabilities and insecurities enables an individual to heal, inspire, and champion insurmountable demons.  Music is therapy and heals wounds the world can’t see on a person’s body.  Certain types of pain never end and fuels a person’s mission in life to succeed.  Misery attracts drug dependencies, inauthentic friends and creates an alternate reality.  

Nothing can replace a mother’s loss in a man’s life; it’s an indescribable burn that never extinguishes.   

Major Recording Artist Ttgfred possesses a matchless music talent for transforming dark tragedies into poetic lyrics of aspiration.  His latest commercial album release ‘Chelle Son’ echoes the spiritual motivation and influence of his later mother ‘Chelle.’   

‘Losing’ reflects a raw and transparent examination of Ttgfred’s trials and tribulations. His lyrics instantly reach a listener’s soul first and sonically mesmerizes their imagination.  As you read the verses below, TtgFred’s God-given talent is undisputed.   

“I got a hole in my chest, I’m so dark and depressed about myself 

No matter how hard I try I’m losing 

Drug killing me I can’t stop losing  

I pray for protection  

But I keep my Uzi 

The year 2020 has been full of heartache, unimaginable human loss of life, financial turmoil, COVID-19, and a demand for social justice reform.  Ttgfred reflects the power of perseverance and the new face of Millennial freedom in 2020.  Ttgfred’s team consists of natural-born leaders, and all are committed to empowering, inspiring, and educating the world via his music.   

Dream Lab Global Agency provides strategic management, digital branding, and corporate joint venture acquisitions for Ttgfred.  Dream Lab Global and Ttgfred create an undeniable Hip-Hop force of nature. RADIOPUSHERS, one of the premier music monetization agencies for Millennials, secured Ttgfred as a Millennial Global Advocate.   

Ttgfred’s creative genius fuels his animal ambition and get rich or die trying mentality.  The legacy of Ttgfred’s mother lives through music and future children. ‘Chelle Son’ represents a new level of Hip-Hop music. 

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