Yungcudii – Could I Say

August 4, 2020 0

Screen-Shot-2020-08-04-at-12.23.02-AM-500x497 Yungcudii - Could I Say

Rappers nowadays blow up and kick start a lifetime career so quickly thanks to how the internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to making and releasing music. Nineteen-year-old rapper, Yungcudii took advantage of the changing landscape and has benefitted with his song, “Energy” with artist, OEG, accumulating nearly 200 thousand Spotify streams to date. Sometimes musical talent gets passed down by family; starting with his uncle then father and now him. Rap began to grab hold of Yungcudii’s life at twelve years old through freestyle sessions during recess in grade school. He and his friends eventually became very confident in his talent, and he decided to take a shot at music at the age of sixteen.

Yungcudii was born on February 4th, 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario. He began rapping in his teens and in 2017 released “Love hurts”, featuring Bronx artist, Trevor Spitta. His 2019 single, “Think Too Much”, is his most popular song released. Recently releasing his single, “Could I Say”, storytelling his personal relationship life. “Could I say my bad, for the things I’ve done. I know that it hurts and I blame it on the love”. He puts in all his emotions knowing fans use this as a therapeutic way to overcome heartbreak, depression and anxiety.

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