Zaku Got The Juice – Femme Fatale (Video)

October 12, 2020 0
unnamed-4-1 Zaku Got The Juice - Femme Fatale (Video)

You meet sombody. You lock eyes. And then you’re instantly transported, rendered speechless. There’s an unexplainable connection. You feel it throughout your body as you stare at them, motionless, from across the grocery aisle. They suddenly start to move towards you. You’re scrambling to come up with something witty to say but as soon as they reach you and speak to you, you’re suddenly dumbstruck. “What’s my name again?” “What’s my phone number?”

What breaks your thought, however, is their humbling question: “Do you work here?”


Zaku takes listeners through a version of this scenario on his new record, “Femme Fatale.” Tap in below.

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