Black armed militia demonstrators walk through Confederate dedication park in Georgia 

July 8, 2020 0



About 1,000 Black civilian army individuals required the evacuation of a goliath Confederate stone carving at Stone Mountain State Park. 


On Independence Day, vigorously outfitted Black men and women from the Not Fucking Around Coalition, or NFAC, walked through Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. They’re requiring the evacuation of a monster Confederate stone carving of late Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Southern officers Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. 


Video film of the showing made rounds via web-based networking media Saturday (July 4). Clips show civilian army individuals, wearing all dark, outfitted with rifles and military-type weaponry. 


After some time, Stone Mountain Park has become a meeting site for white patriots and Ku Klux Klan individuals. In 1915, the KKK collected and consumed crosses at the recreation center as a feature of their resurrection.


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