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Rapper DaBaby is now flying free after a wavy start of the year, being in prison for the alleged assault in a Texas airport, and for allegedly assaulting a producer in Miami for cutting his fee 10K bucks for an event during New Years’ eve.

According to XXLMagazine the “Suge” Rapper reached to his 9 million followers on Instagram to clear out the  “Weak *ss 48 hours” he had spent getting to know the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, Florida. After he was arrested for a conflict with a concert promoter that cut 10.000 dollars out of a deal of 30.000, the promoter accused DaBaby’s team of beating him up.

The musician, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, called his stay in prison “a failed attempt to break my spirits & interrupt the path I’m talking to my God-given success.” According to XXL magazine.

And advised his audience to “Don’t allow yourself to be misled by janky promoters and lazy ass has grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they won’t win. I remain composed and focused on knowing allegations made without honesty and integrity will never be honored by the highest. Please be reminded that suck ass situations like these aren’t worthy of your time or attention.”

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy for the MC, as these 2 situations have made the headlines a lot during this time. Although the Airport incident seems to have come to a more comfortable resolution for DaBaby according to NME.

The British music magazine noted that the rapper was cleared from the incident, as he was accused of taking part in a fight in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, after the an incident there was even an arrest warrant issued for the rapper until the charges were dropped, following the presentation of video by his lawyer to the Tarrant County D.A.

The video presented by Michael Heiskell, was evidence that Jonathan Kirk, A.K.A DaBaby did not take part in the fight, clearing him from any consequence from the brawl. TMZ got a hold of both videos. Including the alleged fight in Miami which is still on foot, although the rapper has denied his involvement at all times, the promoter and a friend were beaten up by Dababy and someone else and they took a phone and a wallet that carried cards and $80 in cash.

Dababy has had his run-up with the law before he rose to fame the last couple of years, like the now the 27-year-old rapper has even gotten his license revoked. Starting as “Baby Jesus” tried to get away from that conflicting life and to help others escape or avoid that kind of situation.

As a rapper he has been involved in two major scandals besides the ones noted the last couple of weeks, in May 2019, Kirk was supposed to perform with fellow rapper Trag, but as the rapper attempted to take a photo with Kirk, Kirk’s the security team viciously attacked Trag.

The victim was in a coma and TMZ had the video of what happened, about a month later, Trag sued DaBaby for injuries as he has collected over $25K  in hospital bills.

The Walmart Incident has been DaBaby’s scandal so far. The rapper was with his family in a North Carolina Walmart when gunpoint fight broke down, and he was connected to the shooting where Jalyn Dominique Craig died on November 5th, 2018.

Noted by XXLMagazine Kirk admitted to his participation in the shooting but claimed it was in self-defense as it was later proofed by the security camera footage.

Let’s see if this year DaBaby will make the news for the music of his run-ups with the law. So far, Law 2 – 0 Music, and we have to say betting on DaBaby to be free from trouble is harder than guessing the winner of the Kentucky Derby 2020. We hope he keeps himself out of problems and back on track with his career.


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