Dave Chappelle Releases Influential Special “8:46”

June 13, 2020 0

maxresdefault-2 Dave Chappelle Releases Influential Special "8:46"


From Dave:

Normally I wouldn’t show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand

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Simply stated, “This is NOT funny”. This is an editorial. A truth statement. A rallying cry. A recap of 400 years of hate and injustice. A summary of life in America. A hot take on the mixing of athletics, politics, and social service. A deep look at media and celebrity worship in America. A look at family, generational trauma, economic disparity, and racism. Not so much “stand up comedy” but “stand up reality”.


This is all that. A mature entertainer giving his sincere and honest take on the state of the union as a husband, father, and most importantly, comedian. As a man of comedy, he found ways to reserve from joking and leaning toward anything funny, and still, Chappelle stays on point for 27 minutes giving us one of the most historic performances of all time! This performance was also the first social distancing concert filmed in America 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic making it an important production even beyond the subject matter.


“8:46” is worthy of repeat viewings as Dave tackles a ton of topics in a short amount of time. One important moment in the special was dissecting the rallying call of Don Lemon who has a talk show on CNN. Included below is the response from Don Lemon, who enamored by Chappelle, invited him onto his show for more important discourse on what’s happening all over the world now.


Even without “jokes” and “comedy” it is Dave himself who gives us comfort and truth (and a couple of laughs) which is why he said he did this special because “All institutions we know lie to us”. Dave is a voice of reason and honesty in this movement and this special will become a part of the history in honoring George Floyd and ALL others who were victimized by police brutality.



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