Top rap albums of 2020 for teenagers and students

June 6, 2020 0

Most college going students are into rap music because it helps them to refresh during studies so that they can concentrate better. For the students taking music as a course, the genre can bring a new more enjoyable experience to learning. Did you know that having the same taste in music strengthens bonds? Friendships arise and existing ones strengthened through attending concerts and other rap music activities.

Top hype albums to watch out for in 2020

Circles – Mac Miller

The death of Miller in 2018 devastated his fans, who did not know that his legacy would reigns on through his family and his director. The sixth of his albums released January of this year, came as a surprise to many but did not disappoint becoming one of the best 2020 rap albums. If you are the kind of person who loves bits of everything then this is the album for you. It has a bit of everything including soft rock, pop, and all the other genres students love. It is a way to remember Mac Miller. EssayKitchen can do your work for you so that you create time to catch up.

Eternal Atake – Lil Uzi Vert

The greatness of the album is evident as it became a number on billboard 200 on its debut. It the second of the rapper Lil Uzi Vert and was released in March this year. Chrome Heart Tags seems to be the best of his projects and will leave you anticipating for more. It has the most views from the rest of the songs in the album. The futuristic rapper is ultimately one of the most unpredictable of his time.

Everything Sucks – Princess Nokia

In the densely dominated male rap industry, Princess Nokia is giving them a run for their money. Since her debut in 2012, she has come a long way ranked as one of the best rap in the industry for 2020. Her highly anticipated album debuted February of this year lived up to her reputation. She never disappoints her fans. Lovers of women empowerment will conquer.

Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – Unlocked

Denzel Curry urban is a definition of everything teenagers love that is why it is a go-to for many. Released in February of this year, the album is short and precise only running for twenty minutes and a student can squeeze it into his or a lunch break. Write essays for you come in handy when you need time to Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats. The artist seems to know the preferences of many millennials by staying fresh, creative, and unique.  The album’s uniqueness continues into a short film released a short while afterward.

Here are the top freshmen rappers of 2020

Blame It on Baby – DaBaby

Debuting at number one on Billboard 200 charts the album is the third by the rapper and so far, the top freshman 2020 and the most successful. The album is the must listen to for any lover of rap music because it features only the best including the future. It comes to show that an artist can creatively reach the audience by just relaxing and having fun with their project.

Find the Beat – Blueface

The album that was released March of this year genies incorporated guests such as DaBaby and Lil Baby bringing on board all their fans. The album received good reviews with other rappers praising it. The artist has continues impressed many with his sense of humor that keeps them locked to his music. It has received a ranking as one of the best new rap albums of this year.

 Pandemic – Comethazine

The album is Comethazine’s first project taking the airwaves with the storm as the new rap albums 2020. It might be because its title conforms to the current corona pandemic or that fans just love some attitude in their rap. For a rapper new in the game and trying to establish a name, Comethazine sure outdid himself. The hard work explains the success of the album with some of the songs gaining more than 630k views on YouTube. His tracks that run for less than 20minites adrenaline parked will surely excite you as a millennial.

Tips to save time for listening to all these albums

With the ever-tough school activities and long working hours, it can be difficult to listen to an entire album, which is normally up to two hours long. It is recommendable for everyone to take a break because it promotes effective learning and productive studying. Music is one of the ways you can refresh and it improves concentration and memory retention


  • Listen by the time you travel to college, workplace, and university, and during your breaks, the album is to minutes long. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will be at the start of a class after listening to some inspiring music from your favorite rapper.
  • can help you find a better job with a better schedule. Some jobs have up to fifteen hours of working leaving limited time for eating, grooming, and sleeping.  The sites find and suggest jobs that can be god for you giving you enough leisure time to catch up with the latest from your favorite rapper.

Concisely, students and teenagers rap music speaks to them because of the freestyling and the rich culture that inspires the way they speak and even dressing. Staying up to date with the latest and hottest rap music makes, you cool to hang out with because you have something to offer. The tips above will help you only if you successfully create time in your schedule to listen.


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