Tyler Perry to pay for burial service of 8-year-old young lady executed in shooting

July 10, 2020 0


Secoriea Turner was lethally shot in Atlanta on Saturday (July 4). 


Tyler Perry is covering the burial service costs for the group of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner after she lethally shot in Atlanta on July 4. The shooting purportedly occurred close to the Wendy’s the place Rayshard Brooks was lethally shot by previous Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe. 


“Who said that outrage has to choose a side?” the filmmaker said to PEOPLE in a statement. “When so many Black people like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were killed, I was outraged and did what I could to help their families. When a white police officer was shot in the head trying to stop a shoplifter in a suburb outside of Atlanta, I was outraged and I did what I could to help him and his family.”


“And when we are killing each other, including our innocent children, I am outraged,” he added. “It doesn’t matter what color wrong comes in, wrong is wrong. I’m outraged today because I’d rather be paying for 8-year-old Secoriea Turner’s college than her funeral. When does this end?”


Turner was apparently riding in her mom’s vehicle when she was lethally shot. The family exited off a roadway and attempted to pivot in a parking area. Around then, a gathering of armed people obstructed the vehicle from leaving. The vehicle was hit with shots multiple times. Turner’s mom at that point headed to the medical clinic and her little girl was later articulated dead. 


“An 8-year-old girl was killed last night because her mother was riding down the street,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on Sunday (July 5). “If Secoriea was not safe last night, none of us are safe. You shot and killed a baby. And there was not just one shooter, there were at least two shooters.”

A month ago, Perry took care of the burial service costs for Brooks and offered to pay the school educational costs for each of the four of his kids.


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