Ways To Enjoy Your CBD Concentrates

April 6, 2021 0

CBD concentrates have become one of the most sought Cannabidiol products. Since hemp came to popularity and was made legal, many had been dying to get these (check this out). What are CBD concentrates, and how could one enjoy them?

What Is CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrates are one of the purest cannabidiol products you can get. It is extracted from hemp flowers together with other chemicals. These contain a very high level of Cannabidiol compared to any other common products. 

Different Types Of Concentrates You Can Have From Hemp Plants

Following are some of the most popular Cannabidiol concentrates that are available in many stores:


From the name itself, Cannabidiol is isolated from other molecules when extracted from the hemp flowers. This method creates 99% pure Cannabidiol crystals with small terpenes for consumers to have a potent cannabinoid experience.


Shatter is made with amazingly great consistency. The concentrate is translucent like glass. It turns into a substance like that of honey when it is exposed to heat. To create a finished product that is as beautiful as you want it to be, producers should avoid agitation and crystallization post-extraction. 

Live Resin

This is a type of concentrate where terpene profiles from hemp flowers were captured. It can reach a cannabinoid potency of up to 90%. So if you want a high supply of Cannabidiol in a few puffs, this is to be used with your portable vaporizer. 

Buds that are directly frozen after harvest are where live resin comes from. Gaseous terpenes are being preserved when frozen, and terpenes deteriorate when dried and cured. Flavorful “live” resin is derived from these concentrates created from the flowers that were frozen.


Budder shares the same texture with butter! CBD extracts are cleansed using high air pressure and in high temperatures to create a budder. It is also strongly scourged for the solvent to be removed. Budder has the same potency as wax since they both are made using butane.


People enjoy crumbles for their texture that is unique. Though it is also derived from butane, it doesn’t have the same surface as the budder and the wax but is more similar to wax with moisture that is just a little bit lesser and is more solid. Many people love to use this with vaporizers because the water content is high, so it is not that sticky. 


It is a thick, viscous substance. Wax features a darker color than many other concentrates and contains various synergistic phytochemicals apart from Cannabidiol, flavonoids, and terpenes, for example. Cannabis plants also have sterols and natural waxes that gave the wax a unique texture.

Other concentrates include oil tinctures, gummies, and edibles; topicals and lotions; pills. 

Where Can I Buy CBD Concentrates?The hemp industry has become so prominent that it is available almost everywhere. A lot of stores are selling a variety of CBD products, including these concentrated ones. You may check different trusted websites and see more options.

Ways To Enjoy CBD Concentrates

There are different ways for you to enjoy your Cannabidiol concentrates. However, while all of the enumerated ways below may be all done in some concentrate, some may not apply to all. How you consume would depend on what type you are going to use and its texture. It also would depend on how you usually do it. Following are some:


You may try wrapping concentrate in your Cannabidiol pre-roll when smoking. It adds extra flavor to your concentrate, and at the same time, it is cheaper since you do not have to buy tools that are very expensive to do it. 

Vaping using a vape pen is also under this method. Vaping is considered the most discreet and portable option for consuming cannabis concentrates.


This is the quickest way to consume CBD. This means applying the concentrates to a heated surface for the purpose of efficient combustion. You may dab the concentrates using a concentrate vaporizer, an oil rig, or by placing it on top of plant material inside a smoking device. The most famous tool used for this is the “dab rig.”   This then will turn into vapor for consumption.


Other CBD concentrates are ingested like gummies and pills. Others are crushed and sprinkled in foods or drinks. 

Apply Topically

There are CBD lotions and patches to be applied topically for pain and skincare. 

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming CBD Concentrates?

Consuming CBD concentrate means consuming more Cannabidiol than other CBD products and receiving its benefits faster. Numerous studies have identified the following benefits of consuming Cannabidiol:

  • Decent pain reliever (muscle pain, joint pain, and any other pain you are feeling).
  • Works as an antidepressant and helps with anxiety. It also sets your mood, gives you relaxation, and gives you a good sleep.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Aids in cancer and cancer-related symptoms like nausea and vomiting.
  • Helps in neurological disorders/disabilities like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.

With all the benefits of CBD concentrates, the different ways of enjoying it, its vast availability in the market, and its legality, we can say it is something we should try. You may also check this link: (https://www.health.com/condition/pain/cbd).

However, it is still best if we seek help from an expert. Talk to your doctor about it to assess your current condition and give you a go signal for trying Cannabidiol products.

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