Meet Ray Knowledge, a forerunner in the music and film industry

July 12, 2021 0
image1 Meet Ray Knowledge, a forerunner in the music and film industry

Creativity is value. This sentence might seem relatively short and perhaps even generic. However, it holds tremendous meaning once you dig a bit deeper. Creativity is what fuels dreams, ventures, and action. As humans, we’ve built nations and changed the planet’s face, just with our power of creating and using our imagination to come up with better solutions to make our lives better. Ray Knowledge is one of those rare talents who fully embodies this powerful message.

 As a multi-talented individual, he does not solely focus on a single creative pursuit. Instead, he excels in a variety of media expressions. He is primarily a filmmaker who owns and operates his own company, Visionful Productions, a fantastic outlet for him to work with fellow artists, particularly (but not limited to) other musicians. Ray specializes in music videos and other services that optimize the artist for brand awareness. Still, he also has a much more diverse portfolio, including some stunning short films and other projects. His filmmaking journey started early when Ray first became passionate about film editing while attending an audio production school—after being tasked with an assignment:  Ray created some sounds to go with a short film. He aced it on the audio front. Still, Ray didn’t stop there: having developed a keen interest in the visual part of the project, it didn’t take long for him to become familiar with the workings of the video editing program. Soon after, he started shooting his first music video, and he eventually invested in his first professional camera to take his work to the next level. Sometime later, with even more experience under his belt, the artist decided to focus on filmmaking full-time and started his company.

In addition to his work with Visionful Productions, Ray is very active in the music scene. He is a rapper whose sound is incredibly diverse and charismatic. His music has clean, punchy production, which embodies the modern sound of trap and dives deeper into the warmth and depth that you would expect from some of the best old-school releases in the genre. Ray’s most recent release, Milli, is a great song, which stands out as a perfect taste of what he can accomplish as an artist and his ability to seamlessly strike up a fruitful collaboration with some of the most influential artists in his circle. 

Ray is also a devoted family man and father to five children.  He also loves to spend time with his wife Latrisha (who works alongside him with community-driven endeavors and charitable projects) 

Please find out more about Ray Knowledge, and don’t miss out on his work.

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