February 11, 2021 0
unnamed-23 TrOyMaN - YKTV

From coast to coast, TrOymaN a Bay Area lyricist is becoming a household name. He released his latest single, “YKTV” and the world is listening. Like most of his music that is listed as an acronym, “YKTV” hits hard as fans find themselves singing the hook, “You Know The Vibe.” Using acronyms as titles came full circle in his career. His first project, A.P.R.I.L. (A Period of Infinite Life) was released shortly after the devastating loss of his mother who was his rock. He embodied his life’s experiences that translated into lyrics that touched your heart. He connected with his fans because the message in the music was relatable in their lives.

Troy Curry became a household name as TrOymaNon the 2019 Netflix music competition show Rhythm + Flow starring judges; Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. This charismatic finalist, walked away with the heart of the world in his pocket and a gift to move the crowd with a microphone in his hand. It was evident that he had the “It” factor as his lyrical ability brought them to their feet. With Atlanta as his homebase for now, he plans on using his music to tell his life story that is truly a page-turner. Publicist Lynn Hobson states, “TrOymaN has also left his mark on ‘BET’S Wild Out Wednesday,’ and he has received MTV’s Atlanta’s Best Independent Artist/Rock Your Fashion Campaign Award along with others. His foundation stands on the teachings of his mother and his ability to become viral was proven in his performance of ‘Blessings’ and his 2020 EP ‘Insomniac.’ TrOymaN will become one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists of his generation. There is a message in his music and that’s what makes the difference.”


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