Watzreal Delivers The Dark Album

December 2, 2021 0

San Francisco rapper Watzreal makes his Source debut with the release of his 4th studio album with his new project, The Dark Album out now via Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more.

Watzreal addresses a wide range of topics on his latest offering including depression, racism, transphobia, the pandemic, love, loss, and so much more. Opening his heart and his pen, Watzreal takes listeners on a personal journey and speaks with honesty on his new album that is bold and refreshing. Watzreal places well-thought-out features on The Dark Album including Def-I, Casti, J. Lately, and Frank Vencci but it’s his collaborations with singer Danae Labraña that stick out the most. Songs “Guarded” and “Goodbye” show beautiful chemistry between Danae and Watzreal as the production throughout this album not only complements the rappers but also gives enough room and space for the singers to operate as well. With his life and touring schedule being affected by the pandemic, Watzreal took his time to craft a project that not only documented the last few years but also showed his growth as a vocalist and a person. Maturing as an artist Watzreal uses his deep and fluctuating vocal tones to bring emotion and life to every song he touches. For production, Watzreal calls on Curtiss King, TOPE, Unlearn The World, Burn, Kiyoto, ThatKidOran, Nons Prod, and Rxn to bring The Dark Album to life.

With official music videos out for singles “Everything,” Hopeful,” and “Goodbye” be sure to subscribe to Watzreal on YouTube for more new music and updates.

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