XAYWAY sees no limits on his success in Hip-Hop in 2022

December 23, 2021 0

XAYWAY-sees-no-limits-on-his-success-in-Hip-Hop-in-2022 XAYWAY sees no limits on his success in Hip-Hop in 2022

COVID against the world 

The year 2020 is well known for COVID-19 to challenge everyone’s limits. It pushed their mental and physical health, along with their willpower. The United States of America focuses on its diplomatic and cultural values. It needs to eliminate systemic racism and decapitalize its police department. The bewitching year 2020 was full of racial discrimination worldwide, affecting everyone. 

2020 Events 

On May 25, 2020, the brutal murder of George Floyd froze everyone across the continent. This incident alone led to racial protests and social media platforms’ outrage worldwide. COVID-19 brought with it catastrophe in America’s economy by taking 500,000 lives and challenging science. During the lockdown, local food banks were overcrowded with people seeking food for survival. The strongest country was taken aback by this wave and its government not having a strategic plan. 

COVID’s Impact on the Music Industry 

The music industry took the most significant blow during this period of uncertainty. Music is a blessing from God and the world’s universal language. As the industry took a significant hit, musicians looked for different methods to generate wealth. Hip-Hop is the undisputed leader in pop culture and mainstream influence. Rap music embodies the art of hustling and inspires pure entrepreneurship.   

XAYWAY Music and Profile 

XAYWAY, the recording artist/entrepreneur, defines this new era of Hip-Hop music. No one can match his extraordinary music skills, sheer passion, and symbolic rap delivery.   

XAYWAY is aware of street life, violence, financial crisis, and racism. His music displays his struggle, vision, and how he looks at life. The deep roots of South Carolina gave him a robust foundation on which to build his music.  

XAYWAY’s music ignites a fire inside the belly of every young hustler pursuing their dreams. XAYWAY’s melodic flow pattern, graphic lyrical contextual rhymes, and distinct euphoria gives his music unparalleled mass appeal.   

XAYWAY is the CEO of Break The Scale ENT ©️, his record label, multimedia company, global merchandising, and TV/Film division. He is also the Global Advocate of RESULTSANDNOHYPE and RADIOPUSHERS. 

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