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December 4, 2021 0

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Today the Owners of MooreGames, Family Toy Company, have launched a Hip-Hop board game called HeadRush: Hip-Hop Edition, the first board game in hip hop culture like Guess Who. While stuck in the house due to the pandemic in 2020, Antwon along with his wife Kimberly and daughter, Ariyanna came up with an idea for a board game that Hip-Hop fans will love.

HeadRush: Hip-Hop Edition comes in multiple editions that will span across several industries and musical genres, but the game capitalizes on everyone staying at home after the pandemic giving families something fun to do together. Kicking things off with a Hip-Hop board game, MooreGames, is giving Hip-Hop fans a new way to enjoy the culture that took the world by storm. 

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The game allows up to 6 players to play a one on one “everyman for themselves” style game. All players pick one card and without looking at the photo on the back of the card, place it on their headband. To figure out what rappers are on their card, players ask as many yes or no questions as they can, before their timer runs out.

“I believe we follow the culture and my wife and I saw an interview on Breakfast Club with the creator of the game, Rhymantics. During the pandemic, me and my family were just in the house. We kept playing board games and I started thinking about how we could incorporate the culture into our own game and how it could be cool to engage Hip-Hop fans” Antwon said of the inspiration to start HeadRush: Hip-Hop Edition. “I kept watching that Breakfast Club episode over and over; it really lit a spark!”

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 “How we structured HeadRush, it’s basically a Who Am I? type game, we merged the old school and new school rappers, trying to include different era’s of Hip-Hop. When playing the game you can ask questions like, Do they have dreads? Are they conscious a rapper? Are they a trap rapper? Are they independent?” Antwon stated. “We basically started with like 100-150 cards going from old school all the way to new school, some popular and some obscure artists, so we may have some newer artists that are not as popular or older artists that are really popular.” 

“We’re at the beginning stages of the game, everything we’ve ever done as a family in business has started grassroots and that’s how we’re pushing HEADRUSH. The goal is to get the game into production, we need to get subscribers to our site that recently launched. We plan on showcasing HEADRUSH on a crowdfunding platform to build awareness on what we’re doing, in hopes to have production completed for our rollout Fall 2022.”

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MooreGames plans on coming out with 3 other HEADRUSH additions, but this HeadRush: Hip-Hop Edition will be followed by an influencer game and then subsequent games which are currently in development. According to the Moore family, there are currently 7 games in the works that will get release dates in the coming years.

This innovative family is no stranger to thinking outside the box when it comes to culture and design. Beginning his career in fashion, Antwon Moore had the opportunity to work wardrobe for entertainers like Wu-Tangs Raekwon, Lil Durk, Tink, Count of LEP. Gaining success within this field in 2007, Antwon and his wife, Kimberly launched their very first pair of sneakers, GODWalkerz. With a foot in the industry, the brand directed its focus toward tech. More so, combining fashion and tech together, Antwon along with his daughter created Retro Plugs. For fashion lovers, collectors and sneaker enthusiasts alike this father/daughter duo created Jordan 1’s earbuds placing earbuds on influencers and tastemakers across the music and fashion industry such as Wayno, Ty Hunter, Drama Boy, Dre the Mayor, Emory Jones and Killer Mike. 

Now with this new endeavor, the Moore family believes they have created something for the culture that will give families and friends entertainment for years to come.

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