HYPECITY SHOW streamrolls into 2022 with epic growth

December 18, 2021 0
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Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields illuminates the authentic “Black American” dream on all levels. Being born from immense struggle, racism, economic suppression, and unconditional love, Pharron ‘Gliss” Fields is the face of Millennial Freedom.

Being optimistic about your future is a luxury in Black communities. Dreaming of creating generational wealth, living in opulence, and empowering future leaders is the mindset of Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields.

Without compromise, pursuing his destiny allows Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields to “live” free. Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields is a natural-born leader and reflects the raw essence of betting on yourself.

Accepting the “normal” standards of life was never an option for Pharron. Pharron’s passion for excellence never allowed him to rely on a 9 to 5. Being “boxed” in by America’s vision of success never appealed to Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields.

Pharron ‘Gliss’ Fields created a multimedia empire and launched a game-changing broadcast platform aptly named “HYPECITY SHOW.” Broadcasting the creative geniuses in Hip-Hop, R&B, and talk radio, HYPE CITY media network is an undeniable entertainment force of nature.

HYPECITY Show recently inked a two-year multimedia partnership with DA BLAZE 88. XM Miami powered by iHeartRadio. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is a premiere radio station on iHeartRadio. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami generates over 15,000 Total Listening Hours monthly and attracts over 10,000 listeners monthly.

Adding HYPECITY Show to its on-demand and live broadcasting schedule was a no-brainer. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is a subsidiary of RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS houses multiple multimedia interactive brands. HYPECITY Show airs Monday-Friday between 5 pm-6 pm -est.


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