IAMBOGARD explains his vision of success with HIPHOPSINCE1987

October 9, 2021 0

IAMBOGARD-explains-his-vision-of-success-with-HIPHOPSINCE1987-e1633792674133 IAMBOGARD explains his vision of success with HIPHOPSINCE1987

Hip-Hop’s unapologetic, unrelenting, bold, and aspirational driven culture has redefined pop culture. Hip-Hop music’s polarizing effect on America society, illuminates its divine calling in life. Hip-Hop is the most powerful human movement since the civil rights era. Transforming pop culture’s viewpoints on politics, fashion, social justice, and personal freedom.

Rap music high rate of consumption highlights its global consumer demand. When a young black kid from Queens flies to Dubai to a sold-out show of 100,000 people reciting his song “In Da Club”, you know Hip-Hop is iconic. That young black kid from Queens is known worldwide as “50 Cent”.

Hip-hop music has been responsible for black youth being able to turn their dreams into companies that make millions of dollars in their communities.

Burgeoning artist/entrepreneur IAMBOGARD impact on Hip-Hop and social media is undeniable. Having an organizational culture built on honesty, integrity, and uncompromising business ethics makes IAMBOGARDS an ideal leader with an image that draws people’s attention.

There is a strong bond between Philadelphians and IAMBOGARD’s music because his lyrics recount authentic stories that describe the struggles of everyone on a daily basis. The latest release of IAMBOGARD is titled, ‘Stay Cool’ A 360-degree view of the essence of his toughness, perseverance, and mastery of the rap game all at once.

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