03 Greedo reinvents a Texas classic on “Pourin” featuring BlueBucksClan

February 4, 2022 0

unnamed-9 03 Greedo reinvents a Texas classic on "Pourin" featuring BlueBucksClan

Twirling twisted tunes into taffy-like melodies, 03 Greedo sets the bar for creativity in West Coast rap music. Connecting with one of L.A.’s hottest rap groups for his latest single, Greedo shares Pourin,” a new song with an appearance from BlueBucksClan. Interpolating “Flossin,” Mike Jones’ 2005 hit and one of Greedo’s favorite songs, “Pourin” finds Greedo delivering an expertly tuneful hook-verse combo, stretching syllables as he sings about his favorite ways to get faded. At the song’s halfway mark, Jeeezy and DJ from BlueBucksClan tag team a slick sixteen, peppering their rhymes with references to King Kong and John Cena and providing a grounded counterpart to Greedo’s flights of fancy. With cover art designed by Desto Dubb, a longtime friend of Greedo’s and owner of the That’s A Awful Lotta Cough Syrup brand, “Pourin” originated as part of Greedo’s period of prolific creativity before beginning his prison sentence in 2018. The single is produced by Mark Free and will be included on the upcoming tape, Free 03.

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