Chaitha Passion for Music is Unmatched

April 13, 2022 0

New-Press-Photo Chaitha Passion for Music is Unmatched

Music is something we all like hearing and listening to, which is why it is such an influential part of our lives. The melody of a song is one of the main reasons we enjoy it. What sticks with us and helps us remember a song is its core. The lyrics of the songs may be forgotten, but the melody is never forgotten. Today, we’ll meet “Chaitha,” a rising star and one of the most well-known performers in the music industry.


When the pandemic struck the whole world, everyone was uncertain about what to do next. The pandemic was a blessing for some while a curse for others. During the ample amount of time, many youngsters were able to start businesses or work on their own projects.


Today we will be talking about one such artist and he is known by the name of Chaitha.

Chaitha is a 20-year-old Modern R&B performer who comes from the San Francisco Bay Area. This young Indian-American musician from California has gained tremendous appreciation and admiration from followers, making him really unique. 


His artistic adventure began with the worldwide epidemic that rocked the world. Half of the world was suffering, while the other half was doing things they had always wanted to do but had never had the opportunity to do. While many teens were incarcerated at home, many of them had free time, which Chaitha took full advantage of.


The emotions we all feel through the highs and lows of life, relationships, and love are portrayed in the music performed by these young artists. He wants to make music that makes people feel love, pleasure, and happiness.


Chaitha started off by posting remixes of famous songs on Instagram, and as his following expanded, he developed his own style. Every artist wished to collaborate with those who had inspired them as they grew up. Chaitha, meanwhile, wishes to collaborate with well-known musicians like Bryson Tiller, Ryan Trey, Santino Le Saint, and Aaryan Shah.


Chaitha launched a new EP called “Bittersweet Boulevard,” which kicked out with a banger called “Scars,” which captured everyone’s attention and received excellent feedback from his listeners. Everything about the music, from the rhythms to the lyricism, is flawless.


Chaitha’s most-streamed song to date is ‘Say Less.’ Chaitha has gathered over 1.5 million streams on his own in just over a year.


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