Chicago’s DCG BROTHERS Report Live from the Jungle in Their New Video

June 6, 2022 0

unnamed-500x281 Chicago's DCG BROTHERS Report Live from the Jungle in Their New Video

Emerging from the West Side of Chicago with a bookful of bars, DCG BROTHERS deliver a blend of drill designed to put smiles on faces. Today, the charismatic sibling duo, comprised of DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv, shares “Jungle Life,” a new music video and a dispatch from their home neighborhood. Produced by JustSpvnk, who layers church organs with entrancing synth arpeggios and military percussion, “Jungle Life” creates an appropriately dramatic, yet light-hearted backdrop for the brothers to do their thing. Shun and Bsavv go back and forth on the track, seemingly competing over who can deliver the best punchline: “So many hog sticks in the whip, it looks like it’s a Luau,” spits Bsavv, while Shun adds, “I still ball some like Chris Paul/Gimme the ball, I want it, tip off.” Directed by No More Heroes, the video finds DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv in their element, gathering a crew in the West Side and squadding up by the dozen. Rocking Amiri baseball caps and showing off their dance skills, the DCG BROTHERS mug for the cameras, managing to make the jungle where they grew up feel more fun than Six Flags.

“Jungle Life” is the title track from Jungle Life, the new mixtape from the brothers, which released in Apil. Home to the hit single “Stomp,” featuring Chicago legend G Herbo (1.1 million YouTube views), Jungle Life takes raw, unfiltered look at the group’s home neighborhood, while showcasing the percolating chemistry that helped them escape their circumstances. “Growing up in a real jungle around savage and seeing crazy things basically meeting different type of people and associating them with animals,” say the DCG BROTHERS. “RATS, SNAKES, GORILLAS, & EVERYDAY ITS A SURVIVAL IN THE JUNGLE.” Featuring additional appearances from BIG30B-Lovee, and frequent collaborator MsavvJungle Life is available everywhere via No More Heroes/Atlantic Records.

Comprised of the 18-year-old Shun and 19-year-old BSavv DCG Brothers may seem like newcomers in the rap game, but they’ve been perfecting their craft for years.  Bsavv started rapping when he was 8-years-old–around the time of Chicago’s world-changing drill boom–inspiring his brother Shun to learn to spit and establishing a symbiotic artistic relationship that has lasted over a decade. Racking up YouTube videos by the million before Shun could legally drive, duo became known around Chicago for their irrepressible personalities, drawing the attention of prolific music video collective No More Heroes, who paired their boisterous bars with eye-popping visuals to match. DCG Brothers kept the momentum going in 2021 with “House Party,” produced by Internet Money, generating over 1 million streams across platforms.

With much more music, and plenty more creative videos, and with the backing of No More Heroes and Atlantic Records, there’s no limit to how high DCG BROTHERS can rise.

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