Cornerstore Bazz sees a different music vision in 2022

February 1, 2022 0

Visionaries see, feel, and believe differently.

Dreams are worth more than money. Dreaming enables people to see beyond their limitations, pain, and current existence to pursue unthinkable heights in life. Seeing things within your mind is euphoric, beautiful, inspiring, and powerful.

However, converting a vision into a successful reality is what separates average from a supreme being. The most significant ‘high’ in life is living your dreams to the fullest without regrets. Fear paralyzes people’s minds and souls before taking their first step towards greatness.

Sometimes people are their own worst enemy and not their dreams. Visionaries are not human. They are superheroes anointed by God to change the world.

Cornerstore Bazz raises the stakes in Hip-Hop.

Cornerstore Bazz was #borntorap. There is no denying Cornerstore Bazz’s rap skills and ability to craft timeless music. Cornerstore Bazz music narrates a unique story of dream chasing, unparalleled hustling, hood love, street pain, and justice. Music takes listeners on a journey, and the final destination distinguishes average from super-natural.

Cornerstore Bazz’s life story resonates with every young black kid dreaming of buying the block and making their mama smile. The movement of Cornerstore Bazz includes TV/Films, touring, NFT’s, and more.

Cornerstore Bazz aligned his global brand with RESULTSANDNOHYPE and RADIOPUSHERS in 2022. Cornerstore Bazz’s digital footprints are making an immense impact across social media.

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