IAMRe$t understands there is No Plan B at this point

August 4, 2022 0

Everything in life doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Most people desire and pursue a path of least resistance in life. Running from life’s biggest challenges separates natural-born leaders from followers. Instinctively humans don’t embrace their pain because it requires self-reflection, unparalleled discipline, and a lionheart.  People purchase insurance on their lives, cars, and business to indemnify them from loss.  

Pursuing your dreams doesn’t include an insurance policy. The formula of destiny is interchangeable with a person’s life story.  Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur IAMRe$t was born with two strikes and a pending felony hovering over his head. Understanding ‘jungle rules’ requires animal ambition and divine vision.  

IAMRe$t encapsulates the definition of a hustler.   

Approaching life without fear, empowering his inner circle, and shouldering the load of carrying on the family’s legacy are part of his daily routine. Running a cutting-edge multimedia company and creating generational wealth keeps IAMRe$t laser-focused. 

IAMRe$t understands there is ‘No Plan B’ at this point. IAMRe$t joined digital forces with RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST in 2022 for a global music monetization deal.   

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