J Demons a New Artist Arising Out of NJ

October 3, 2022 0

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J Demons is a unique artist arising out on New Jersey with a diverse way of expression in musical arts. J Demons new single “Stoner”, is a sound of pop and hiphop mixed at its finest. “J Demon” has be seen multiple times opening up for major artist on tour such Meek Mill and Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar just to name a few. In past times “J Demon” has suffered from depression which led him to become a writer pouring all of his pain and stress into a pen. Instead of him transforming his pain and energy into something negative he decided to transform his depression and pain into art in the form of music. J Demon has said in interviews, “I want my musical art to eventually help someone else one day who has felt the dark side of mental health.” J Demon has set the tone of him not just being a rapper yet a artist with something to say and he’s doing it in a unique way. Stoner” was produced by hit producer “Steel”, and J Demon is currently working on his album and is days away from finishing it. Leaks say it’s an album we don’t want to miss. Currently J Demons is signed to “Broke Off Entertainment”, which is owned and ran by “Maurice Goodrich”. Over the years Maurice Goodrich has introduced us to some of the most amazing talent from Hiphop to R&B so it’s no surprise that Mr. Goodrich and Broke Off Ent. has brought us “J Demon”. We look forward to seeing more from “J Demon”, and we anticipate for his album to be released.

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