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ATL-based Queen Of Da Souf rapper Latto drops her timely new single and video “P*SSY” via RCA Records.The latest single is a reply to the overturning of Roe v. Wade that happened at the end of last month. In addition to using her platform to spread awareness and be vocal on this crisis, Latto is also donating a portion of the proceeds from this release to Planned Parenthood. Recently, Latto delivered a show-stopping medley performance of “It’s Givin” and “Big Energy (Remix)” – for the latter she brought out Mariah Carey and Young Dirty Bastard – after winning her first-ever award for “Best New Artist” at the 2022 BET Award.

For the video co-director (alongside Latto who also directed) and cover art, Latto chose powerful women to collaborate with on this important release – director Sara Lacombe and artist Katie McIntyre. Both chimed in on their experience working on the project and with Latto:

Sara Lacombe on working on the video and the overall concept with Latto: “It was really important for Latto and I to collaborate on this video especially with woman’s rights being such a hot topic at the moment. Let’s be honest, America has always been good at oppressing people. So, for women, our rights, how the world treats us, gender roles and our overall place in society isn’t just news it’s something we deal with every single day, sometimes loudly and sometimes quietly. We are repeatedly reminded of how we ought to behave or who we should be, constantly being forced into a box. This video is symbolic that we can be both hard (her lyrics) and soft (the world we placed her in) at the same time.T he world is always going to tell us who to be, that’s probably never going to stop, that’s why it’s more important than ever for woman to stand in their truths and know who they are.” 

Katie McIntyre on working on the cover art for the single: “This track is an instant classic. It was amazing to get to create a powerful piece of art for Latto. I think it adds another dimension to the message that she is putting a spotlight on a feminist artist with this cover. This cover is all about the rise of the collective feminine against opposing forces. The woman in front of this outdated institution is breaking the ground with her body, just like we will break new ground in the continuing fight for women’s rights. This cover asks you to look at what you’re most afraid of, see the power in it, and know that it’s stronger than your attacks. It says: we are not beautiful, we are sublime.”

In March of this year Latto released her critically acclaimed album 777 that debuted in the top 20 at #15 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and top 10 at #6 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart.

With this new chapter of her career, Latto’s star continues to rise with elevated performances and accolades.

With over 880 million streams worldwide across all platforms and accolades continuing to rack up from her success, it’s clear that Latto has set the stage to become a global superstar.


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