Listen to Dj Natash Khan’s “Take Over”

May 30, 2022 0

Originally from India, artist Natash Khan is a versatile Dj who is present in all stages of the artistic process, from musical production to the realization of his clips.

His influences are varied, hip hop, rap R&B… He is distinguished by his ability to dress his artistic productions.

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Dj Natash Khan’s

We want to introduce you to his project titled “Take Over”, a very personal project, he created in 5 months, produced by beat maker Skull T Beats, mixer in Delhi.

The artistic project of 4 sounds invites to escape “the time of a music” or “a whole life”.

But it also depicts his loves, and the passage of time.

Natash Khan presents himself as a melancholic artist who introduces us to travel in the meanders of his imagination.



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