Ludovica’s music is self-reflective

May 1, 2022 0

IMG_1211 Ludovica's music is self-reflective

Ludovica’s music is self-reflective so she writes a lot about her relationship with herself or herself with others. Her music speaks to people that are either like her or her opposite. In either case, it is definitively for someone who is focused on a form of self-reflection that is far from being bias, and instead it is objective, because in objectivity we see how we fit into this world, what role we are going to play, and understand if we are going to be our own strangers or our own proponents.

Objectivity is being able to look at yourself without any bias. Fairness is being able to know within yourself if you’re your own advocate or your own curse.

Her themes consist of, building oneself up after hardship, growth, and life-navigation reflections.

What can Ludovica’s listeners learn from her? They can either be both their own curse and proponent or one or the other.

Why is that important to know? Because people are in denial and in coping mechanisms and that is the illness of the world.

Why does Ludovica think she has so much to say in first person? Because she has a sense of care about relativity, how things have to do with her, and how things affect one another. And those accounts will explain her music.

Screen-Shot-2022-04-27-at-11.13.00-AM Ludovica's music is self-reflective

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