Mach-Hommy Drops New Album ‘Duck CZN: Tiger Style’

October 10, 2022 0

unnamed-19 Mach-Hommy Drops New Album ‘Duck CZN: Tiger Style’

Mach-Hommy, along with unwavering collaborator, Tha God Fahim, have now expanded the Duck CZN epic with the release of Duck CZN: Tiger Style, which is now available on streaming platforms.

Every experience has a rhythm, this time the pace quickens to hack through the effects of seasonal depression; that feeling of funk that clouds the day.  Tiger Style is the immediate door out of your head, a window into a different world where you can self-reflect without guilt of what is gone or to come.  Like a Tiger—fast, aggressive, and powerful, cut through the mental clutter by finding somewhere new.

Tiger Style is not an escape, but a relocation, a space where more can be done about the things that are” Mach-Hommy proclaims.  “Allow Tiger Style to help you fly south for the winter, as the season changes, so must your behavior and this album is your soundtrack.”

There are many, mini worlds inside the Mach-Hommy universe.  Those worlds include several themed chronicles of compelling, collectible art and flagship works.  To name a few, the Dollar Menu series 1, 2 and 4 are available on DSP’s, the Triz Nathaniel Saga available exclusively on www.mach-hommy.comHBO, and Balens Cho vinyl exclusively at; and Pray For Haiti.  Tiger Style’s predecessor, Duck CZN: Chinese Algebra, was digitally released in 2018 direct to consumer via for a never to be seen again price of $7.77.  In October 2021, Mach re-released Chinese Algebra on streaming platforms, alongside an offering of exclusive, limited edition vinyl and merch; most notably, a specially designed abacus to memorialize the algebraic theme.  While currently there is no mention of merchandise for Duck CZN: Tiger Style, it’s worth monitoring for updates.

Mach-Hommy’s Duck CZN: Tiger Style is now available and features guest appearances and production from Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, Juju Gotti, Nicholas Craven & Sadhu Gold.

You can now purchase, stream, add and favorite Duck SZN: Tiger Syle at your preferred DSP:


Bone Strait FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Sadhu Gold)

Shakes Pears FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Sadhu Gold)

Tiger Balm Ultra FEAT Tha God Fahim & Juju Gotti (Prod Nicholas Craven)

Blue Hill @ Stone Barns FEAT Tha God Fahim & Your Old Droog (Prod Tha God Fahim)

Chimay Bleues FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Sadhu Gold & Wino Willy)

The Way You Do It (Skit)

Love Is Luh FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Sadhu Gold)

Gossamer Wings FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Nicholas Craven)

Wiz Marquee FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Sadhu Gold)

Turbo Tariff FEAT Tha God Fahim (Prod Nicholas Craven)

30 Stone Grouper FEAT Tha God Fahim & Juju Gotti (Prod Nicholas Craven)


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