Watch What You Say Around COMA-CHI!

May 21, 2022 0

We travel to the land of the rising sun to close out May and our fourth week of SoundSplash with the pioneer of female rap in Japan. Meet COMA-CHI and her partner in crime MeccaGodZilla.

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COMA-CHI is a rapper and singer. She began performing in 2003 and gained attention that year after winning the SHINJUKU SPOKEN WORDS SLAM rap battle. She made her indie debut in 2006 with DAY BEFORE BLUE. In 2011, she left her current agency and label, and established her own label: Queen’s Room.

Word of COMA-CHI’s skills spread amongst music lovers in Japan and she started featuring on records by Japan’s top tier artists like RHYMESTER, ZEEBRA, Miliyah Kato, Daichi Miura, and more. She went on to become the first female historical finalist at B-BOY PARK’s MC battle. Music fans all over Japan admired her so much that they recognized her as #1 woman MC of Japanese Hip-Hop.

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COMA-CHI is a pioneer of female rap in Japan known for being an amazing and multifaceted MC and singer, musician, and astrologist.


Working alongside Omowale Adewale and m1 of dead prez, he got his start in NYC’s underground Hip-Hop scene as a founding member of the nonprofit Hip-Hop union G.A.ME (the Grassroots Artists MovEment) which made free healthcare, free dental, free legal advice, and show bookings available to independent Hip-Hop artists from New York and Philadelphia.

Currently, Mecca releases music through his indie label MANAFEST VISION, runs the streetwear brand arigatz, is an active organizer each summer for the Black VegFest vegan festival in Brooklyn, and is an official United States cultural ambassador of Hip-Hop to Uzbekistan, Taiwan, and Nepal via Next Level USA, the U.S. Department of State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Meridian International Center in Washington D.C.

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Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, MeccaGodZilla is a music producer, MC, artist, and activist.

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May 25th 2022

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