Francheyez understands the price of buying the block and Hip-Hop immortal

August 8, 2022 0


Avoiding confrontation is a typical path people take in life.

Most people aren’t born to address or confront adversity in life. “When an arrow is coming towards your chest, stick your chest out,” is a famous Japanese affirmation quote. Going into the eye of the storm is not for the faint-of-heart or weak-minded.

Extreme adversity and pressure create diamonds out of certain people. A person’s character is never ascertained at the height of success. Oftentimes, character is defined during the depths of unparalleled struggle, darkness, and uncertainty.

A phoenix rising from the ashes in life and not the heavens. Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform entrepreneur Francheyez was born with fire-resistant skin and a lionheart.

Francheyez was blessed with broad shoulders.

Francheyez wakes up every day running 100 miles per hour. Francheyez’s mentality is literally “all gas and no brakes.” He comprehends the degree of difficulty in achieving supreme being in Hip-Hop.

Rap culture is the ultimate blood sport; everyone is gunning for the same crown jewel. Over 3,000,000 unknown indie artists worldwide attempt climbing Mount Everest called Hip-Hop. Millions of artists fall off the mountain annually.

Some never possess the faith or courage to retry. Becoming an iconic figure in rap culture is a marathon, not a sprint. Francheyez never doubted his inner vision for becoming a force of nature in rap culture.

A different type of light shines upon his path. His destiny flight coordinates contain a unique esoteric matrix route. Everyone on his block and all four corners of every New York borough feels his raw magnetic energy. Setting limits was never an option for Francheyez. There is no Plan B.

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