Neelam delivers a lyrcial masterpiece with Anomalous

August 15, 2022 0

Divine light enables people to see beyond their pain and pursue the unthinkable.

Some people’s life perspectives are driven by a higher power. They are psychologically commanded to travel a path of most resistance infused with a sacred purpose. Understanding the esoteric aspects of life at the highest levels is meant for visionaries.

Visionaries see rainbows in the middle of a storm and create bridges between fear and destiny.

Life never allows them to rest or have comfort zones. Their divine light illuminates a higher path to supremacy, sacred prophecy, and empowerment.

Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur Neelam is an innately born storyteller. I’m standing on the rooftop of  Vista Pool at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel  listening to ‘Fade Away’ by Neelam.

The mastermind of Neelam

Nothing compares to Los Angeles sunshine and angelic wind breeze. As I sip on a tall glass of Ace of Spades, the lyrical content of Neelam blends perfectly in this serene moment. Neelam possesses a rare ultra- capacity to generate music that provokes a person’s deepest raw emotions and insecurities. Her music allows one to value integrity or clout and rely on inner strength versus social media acceptance.

Speaking on taboo subject matters is a natural process for Neelam. An empress always defends, protects, and empowers her throne without compromise. Heavy is the head, which wears the crown. When much is given, much is required, and Neelam has never shied away from the pressure.


Listening to ‘Fade Away’ through my ‘Figgers Wireless Earbuds,’ her vision is so transformative that it feels like she’s standing in front of me. ‘Fade Away’ is an audio journey of pain, love, clarity, and creative genius.

Neelam’s music has its own lane, and only her car is allowed.


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