Nigel Lee made it out alive and built an empire

August 8, 2022 0

Everybody can’t be a visionary in life.

It’s a beautiful and serene night on South Beach. Driving at midnight on Ocean Drive in my Tesla S with the windows down is a vibe. Blasting ‘Made It Out Alive’ by Rick Ross featuring BLXST is the perfect track for this moment.

Being thankful for the small things in life is the ultimate form of divine gratitude.

My baby brother is learning how to walk again after a terrible car accident, so I’m humbled by his commitment to never give up on anything.

Tears roll down my eyes because you can never imagine your family member being told, ‘you won’t ever walk again.’

In America, making it home alive at night is a blessing when you’re black, male, educated, and woke. Rick Ross always amazes me with his ability to infuse deep-rooted soul, vibrant beat patterns, and captivating lyrical content that paints graphic images of opulence. BLXST’s voice is so powerfully connected to Hip-Hop culture; it’s undeniable and personifies a self-made aura.

Everytime I put my Tesla on autopilot mode, I smile at the sheer brilliance of Elon Musk. So many car developers came before him in the past 100 years. However, his vision for a vehicle transformed the world of transportation.

Every aspect of Tesla illuminates Elon Musk’s incomparable brain power, meticulous vision, and creative mastery. Tesla is the most lucrative and in-demand vehicle company worldwide.

Labeling yourself a visionary means you are psychologically connected to your sacred gift and possess the unparalleled discipline to manifest destiny into fruition. Visionaries are born and not created.

The birth of a legend is glorious.

Becoming a light inside your own tunnel of darkness is a surreal moment of truth. Imagine uprooting your entire life and moving to another state with less than $500.00 in pursuit of a pre-destined vision.

Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee is a bona fide business mastermind.

Being born with unimaginable expectations, Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee’s life was never designed to be conventional. Possessing unrivaled fearless leadership skills and a distinctive Midas human touch.

Nigel’s natural aptitude for communication is a crown jewel of his nurtured greatness. Speaking to people’s souls and tapping into their God-given potential comes instinctively for Nigel.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Natural-born leaders are blessed with unequaled emotional intelligence, which enables them to introspectively speak a customized language of inspiration to an individual.

Nigel Lee is a proverbial powerhouse executive in today’s music world. His body of work and deliverables with Universal Music Group is unrivaled. Universal Music Group partnered with Nigel because of his ultra-unique business acumen and unconventional work ethic.

Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee is the bridge between indie and mainstream.

Opening doors of opportunity and prosperity reflects the incalculable value of Nigel’s brand. Converting raw uncut diamonds of talent into global forces in music is a chief focus of his business model.

Connecting the dots in the music game is not created equal. Nigel’s Rolodex includes influential power players in the music industry.

Nigel provides a super highway of services for emerging artists seeking to manifest their dreams into reality.

‘Bezknowstalent’ company ‘Eleven33 Group’ provides tailormade monetization and engagement services for artists seeking to supercharge their brand.

There is no doubt that climbing the mountain of FM radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram verification, and label deals is an arduous task. Nigel’ Bezknowstalent’ Lee administers matchless insight, analytics, music production, and leadership to ensure every ‘dedicated’ artist reaches the top of Mount Everest in Hip-Hop.

Nigel Lee never doubted God’s plan for him. Transforming desperation into manifestation is the embodiment of being a visionary. Nigel Lee made it out alive and built an empire.


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