4 Free Writing Tools To Use in College

May 26, 2022 0

unnamed-38-500x332 4 Free Writing Tools To Use in College

College years involve a lot of writing as you submit essays, research papers, and coursework, among other assignments. You may also embrace writing like blogging or working as a freelancer to earn money while in college. Good writing will boost your grades in class and make your ideas more acceptable away from college. 

Writing takes time and must adhere to set guidelines. An attempt to meet these requirements may see you glued to your desk all day yet still not submit the quality of work required. Using writing tools will enable you to produce more compelling work that will capture the attention of your readers and earn the best grades.

The writing apps will help you to produce scripts without errors. It also helps you to write faster, leaving more time to relax as well as handle other personal projects like business or a job. There are do my college homework specialists online who will help you with assignments to create more time for you to run personal projects. 

Here are excellent free writing tools to use in college. 

  • Google Docs

Google Docs offers a cloud storage facility. It allows you to store all the reference materials you gather and access them whenever you need them. You do not have to tag your gadgets along or produce multiple scripts because you are working from different gadgets. You write directly on Google Docs and save as you would on any word-processing app. Once you open the app on another gadget, your document will be available in an updated version. 

Google Docs allows you to build a database for each paper you are writing. You can also retain the materials for future reference. It comes with a search option where you retrieve documents you have stored on the platform using a keyword. You may also organize the documents using folders for easier access. 

Google Docs provides free access to limited storage capacity. Unless you are dealing with a hefty research project, the free space is enough to last four years in college. You may also delete some of the files once you are done using them. Google Docs offers writing and editing capability, enabling you to produce captivating academic papers. It is one of the best writing tools for college students. 

  • Grammarly 

Grammarly is popular for language checks. It will help with punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and word choices. There are the basics of any writing project. Grammarly is meant to help you produce the most compelling and articulate scripts for your academic assignments. 

Grammarly works in real-time. It will edit your paper as you write. With real-time editing, you take a shorter time and do not have to return to the paper for further editing. 

Grammarly explains the highlighted areas. The notes act as lessons on grammar, helping you to understand your writing style. It will pick out passive language and poor word choices to allow correction. 

Grammarly is free for basic features. These features are enough to help you produce the best research paper. You pay a subscription for advanced features. 

  • OneLook

Word choice will make or break your essay. The best writers choose the words that go into each sentence because it will determine the direction of your discussion. OneLook will help you to pick the best words for each point in your essay. 

OneLook helps you to choose specific vocabulary for a topic. Your paper will make more sense because the technical language will appeal to professionals in the area. Readers find it easier to identify with your ideas because you are speaking their language. 

OneLook will also help you to avoid word repetition. Too much use of a word or phrase weakens your discussion. OneLook will pick such words to help you avoid them in your discussion. You submit a precisely discussed paper. 

OneLook is free. It comes with a dictionary that will also enhance other language elements. OneLook helps you to submit a colorful essay on any topic. 

  • Word Counter 

The title of the app suggests a tool to help you monitor the length of your paper. Each essay comes with specific instructions on the appropriate length. Different sections of your paper should also take a proportion of the length to make your paper sensible and balanced. Word Counter helps you to keep tabs on the length of your paper. 

Word Counter monitors your words, paragraphs, sentences, keywords, and pages as you write. You avoid submitting a smaller paper than expected or wasting time on additional words yet you have hit the target. The app is free and easy to use. It also comes with additional features to check your grammar and spelling. 

The best writing tools for college students are free. They come with multiple features, helping you to produce the most captivating paper. With writing tools, you will work faster and produce better essays, boosting your grades in the process. 

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