Upcoming DE Artist Lou’Maurice Takes On SXSW: Performs, Connects, Secures!

April 16, 2022 0


channels4_profile-500x500 Upcoming DE Artist Lou'Maurice Takes On SXSW: Performs, Connects, Secures!

SXSW has long been the epicenter for networking for when the world’s of music and technology collide, and this year rising Delaware artist Lou’Maurice made his mark. While approaching the famously known strip of 6th street in Austin, TX, Lou’Maurice networked, performed, and even made plays for the future all in the midst of attending one of the music industry’s most renowned meet-ups. Delaware doesn’t have too many lyrical representatives, but Lou’Maurice is definitely the one to change the trajectory.

His exclusive performance was on an official HipHopSince1987 stage on March 16th, showcasing new singles from his most recent project entitled “5 Days, 4 Nights”. This performance led Lou’Maurice to meeting several likeminded professionals, which he knows to be of importance during his journey as an underground artist. If you’re new to Lou’Maurice, or notice him from SXSW, make sure to stream “5 Days, 4 Nights” below:

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