LACORTE x Cole Avery Represent Takeover Music Group at SXSW

April 14, 2023 0

unnamed-1-8-500x500 LACORTE x Cole Avery Represent Takeover Music Group at SXSW

Takeover Music Group (Record Label) was founded by LACORTE in January of 2022 out of Gainesville , FL. Originally from Lyndhurst , NJ born and raised , LACORTE is a full time entrepreneur. After growing several successful business of his own , LACORTE took what he had learned from his business endeavors and combined it with what he loved , music and from it came the venture that’s now known as Takeover Music Group. From there  the TAKEOVER movement was started . After seeking to expand his business operations , and grow his presence in the music industry along with having family nearby LACORTE relocated to Gainesville , FL . Upon settling in Gainesville , FL LACORTE and his music quickly took off . After a few months in the city and dropping a couple projects of his own LACORTE met Cole Avery,  a local artist who quickly grew to be apart of the team and take on a large role in Takeover Music Groups foundation,  as well as be the first artist to join the label outside himself . Upon Cole Avery joining the label with the combined talent , knowledge and forces of one another along with there shared passion for music , takeover blew up . Over the next year LACORTE and Cole Avery were able to explode on the music scene , taking over there city , traveling all up and down the coast doing shows , flying out to Los Angeles on multiple occasions to work on projects and meet new industry  connects as well as grow a huge love and relationship with the Miami music scene.
Before they knew it LACORTE and Cole Avery were on their first ever tour , fully independent . Hitting 12 stages over 10 days the takeover team took over their entire trip shocking fans and viewers all across the states with their upbeat energy , and catchy lyrics . Takeover Music Group was given the chance to perform at SXSW throughout their tour and caught the eye of label reps from the well known label quality control music as well as many others  . These two artists have been able to create there own sound together as well as individually. LACORTE recently released a smash single LEGACY  with buzzing Miami artist Tafia who’s signed to Meek Mills Dream chaser camp . LACORTES bar for bar lyrics and catchy punchlines can’t go missed on this thrilling track . LACORTE has been seen moving through MIAMI on several occasions with well known super promoter Rarri @Rarriant . Go check out LACORTE and Cole Avery’s recently released single Keep Ridin and don’t forget to stream and download LACORTES smash hit Legacy FT. Tafia out now .

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